Empowering Yoga for Every Body, Mind, and Spirit

This approach can be used in many ways:
• Daily practice for individual, family, or group
• Early morning stretches to set daily intentions
• Mid-day centering technique to relax the mind and re-direct focus
• A personal journey to discover the power within

Twelve Powers Yoga began as my quest to teach children the Twelve Spiritual Powers by associating each expression with a yoga pose. I soon noticed the effect this practice was having on my students as we pushed aside the chairs and began to place focus on our breathing while standing mindfully grounded in each posture. Sharing one power a month, we ended the year with a beautiful sequence of standing and floor poses and an impressive knowledge of our Twelve Powers. Believing our thoughts create our lives, the practice was enhanced with a collection of affirmations to further enlighten each power.
Upon practicing the sequence, I quickly discovered the undeniable impact Twelve Powers Yoga was having on my everyday life. Whether at home or on the go, this simple 7 minute practice nurtured my body, increased my focus, and began to shift my perception. Twelve Powers Yoga became my personal journey revealing that the power inside ourselves is far greater than any outside circumstance.
Stefie J

Twelve Powers Yoga in 3 Simple Steps:
1. Focus on your words as you speak the affirmations silently or aloud.
2. Breathe mindfully as your body settles into each posture.
3. Balance into each pose for 3-5 breaths. Breathe steady and even.