Classroom Experience

There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate the mindful movements of Twelve Powers Yoga into your classroom setting. When we originally taught the program, we spent about fifteen minutes once a week focusing on one power/pose per month, but the program is designed to enhance any curriculum and create mindful moments whenever needed. Enjoy the benefits of taking a moment to focus, breathe, and balance.

The Twelve Powers Yoga Practice is 7-10 minutes with (5) inspired variations such as Early Morning Empowerment Practice ( standing poses only) or the Grounding Practice (floor poses only) clocking in at 2-6 minutes. This allows you to choose the sequence that suits your lesson plan. Remember if utilizing the DVD, allow 10 minutes.

– Promote leadership by choosing 1-3 students to lead the practice
– Welcome students to share their thoughts and feelings
– Create positive words and affirmations as a class and record them on the journal pages

Our Twelve Spiritual Powers are individually represented by a single yoga pose and two empowering affirmations.

Twelve Powers Yoga in 3 Simple Steps:
1. Focus on your words as you speak the affirmations silently or aloud.
2. Breathe mindfully as your body settles into each posture.
3. Balance into each pose for 3-5 breaths. Breathe steady and even.

Connect To The Power Within
• The Twelve Powers Yoga Practice: 7-10 minutes
Begins with FAITH and ends with POWER
Once you have familiarized yourself with the full sequence,
customize your experience with these inspired variations:

• Early Morning Empowerment Practice (standing poses only): 2-5 minutes
Stand in FAITH with the WILL to choose, use your IMAGINATION
to envision your day and remember the POWER within.

• Mid-day Centering Practice: 2-5 minutes
Begin with ORDER, connect with WISDOM,
let go with RELEASE and end with LOVE

• Grounding Practice (floor poses only): 3-6 minutes
Begin with ORDER, knowing you have the STRENGTH, UNDERSTANDING,
and WISDOM to create with ENTHUSIASM and RELEASE freely
while living each moment in LIFE and ending with LOVE

• Evening Relaxation Practice: 2-5 minutes
Begin quieting the mind in WISDOM, RELEASE the
day, embrace LIFE and end with LOVE

• Instant Calming Practice: 2-5 minutes
RELEASE and sit in LOVE

Deep Breathing relaxes the mind and body, allowing for focus and concentration.
Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale gently through your mouth.
Inhale to the count of four. Exhale to the count of four.
Let’s Begin…