A Personal Journey

A personal journey:  I began to incorporate yoga into my life after my first son, Thomas was born. The stresses of motherhood had hit me hard and all of the Hollywood magazine moms were boasting about the many benefits of yoga, while sporting a perfect post-baby sculpted body.  As I started to practice daily, my flexibility and energy level began to improve dramatically as I built muscle strength and balance, but most importantly, I began to relax, slow my breathing and focus on the present. Through the birth of my second son, the busyness of life,  sudden loss of a spouse, and a relocation, my passion for positive living continued to grow. I was then lead to a youth director and life coaching position that taught me the importance of affirmations and the power of an I AM statement.

Affirmations are beautifully positive words said in the present tense, and are repeated often with a sense of real feeling and connection. Affirmations enable you of being in conscious control of your thoughts. When you say them, or even hear these statements they become the thoughts that build your reality.  This then changes your actions, words, and experiences. By choosing to always affirm the positive about yourself and the world around you, you will create more joyful life experiences.

Practice Twelve Powers Yoga daily and welcome the gift of combining movement and self empowerment into your life. Maybe you wish to focus on a single pose daily or one of the inspired variations such as the Mid-day Centering Practice one day, and the Grounding Practice the next. Enjoy the DVD for the full sequence mastering holding the poses for the allotted time frame. Familiarize yourself with all the poses so you can create a routine that works for you.

Focus on each word as you say the affirmations. Breathe mindfully as your body settles into each basic yoga posture, being sure to breathe steady and even. Balance into each pose for 3-5 mindful breaths allowing body, mind, and spirit to connect. Pause, and journal your thoughts, opening yourself to recognize the unlimited possibilities. Embrace the Twelve Powers Yoga practice understanding your power, and above all, enjoy the journey.

Stefie J

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